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TEAM Photos for your club?
What is important to you is essential for us!
      1.  Quality photo - everyone is visible with good lighting and pleasant expressions.
      2.  All names are spelt correctly - our new system and strategy works very well!
      3.  Minimal disruption to club routine - we are friendly, flexible and very experienced.
      4.  Club Photo Coordinator - we minimise your workload (and stress!) using proven strategies - ask us.
Team Photo      
Aussies in Action pioneered in WA the use of digital technology to produce the all-in-one Team photo and surround.
We create a tasteful product which enhances the photo but does not overshadow it.
Many different design layouts are available - your selection is then custom modified to suit your club.

The Product
Our team photos are 8" x 12"(20.3cm x 30.5cm) and are archival quality. Customers have the choice of laminated or unlaminated.
We create the unique layout for your club at no extra cost.  Click here for DESIGN EXAMPLES

The Service
There are no up-front expenses for your club.
From experience we have found that clubs have different preferred ways to organize team photos - so we are very flexible - but we also know from experience that certain systems create less hassle - so we can advise the club if necessary.
No sitting fees.
No upfront payment.
Dealing with organizers who have been volunteer parents -we know where you are coming from.
Professional but friendly organizers.
High quality photos which reflect the 25 years of photographic experience.
A finished product which focuses on the participant and is enhanced by the graphics.
We understand that the majority of junior clubs are volunteer based and are operating with limited help and financial resources. We try to make your job easier and wear the cost of human error.
Our system is flexible but professional - Let’s keep it simple.

Cost & Club Benefits
Our photo prices are $11 unlaminated and $13 laminated - fantastic value for a professional unique product. Discounts and fundraising opportunities - special deals to suit your club.

We shoot action photos of your players during a game - this is what we started doing over 10 years ago and we continue to do it under any weather conditions.
Because of our professional experience and highest quality professional equipment we can capture a large selection of quality action photos of each game.

If any parent is interested in coordinating action photos for your team Aussies in Action will reward you with a FREE photo package. The $ value will depend on the amount of sales. At the very least you will receive a FREE 8" x 12" action photo of your child. If the club wishes to coordinate this as a FUNDRAISER, Aussies in Action will reward the club.

SPORT Portrait
These individual studio portraits are taken on Team Photo Day.
Payment of $16 for a 5" x 7" photo in a card frame or $23 for an 8" x 12" must be paid to the photographer on the day when you book-in your time.

$2 from each photo will be paid back to the club as a FUNDRAISER.